How the Testosterone Patch Can Work for You

How the Testosterone Patch Can Work for You

All human beings have testosterone but it is found in higher levels in men. Basically, it is responsible for the masculinity in men. The drop in levels of this hormone happens naturally to men after the age of 30. However, there are men whose bodies produce low levels of this hormone. Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, fat distribution, bone density and red blood cell production. Therefore a decrease in levels of this hormone may lead to undesired physical changes such as accumulation of fat on the waistline, sleep disturbances, emotional changes as well as a change in sexual function. For this reason, the testosterone patch was invented to administer testosterone in the body. It treat symptoms of low levels of testosterone in men and thus eliminates the use of injections and surgical procedures because it only requires medical prescription.

How the testosterone patch works

The Patch stimulates muscle growth and aids in protein synthesis. There are two types of testosterone patches; the transdermal testosterone patch and the scrotal testosterone patch. Transdermal testosterone patch can be placed on the back, stomach, thighs or the upper arms. This type of testosterone is common among body builders for muscle growth. Scrotal testosterone patch is applied only on the scrotum. It is considered the most effective. This is because the scrotum has thin skin cells hence the hormone is easily absorbed through the skin. Some of the ingredients in the patch include glycerol, glycerin USP, purified water and testosterone. Testosterone is the active ingredient but the rest of the ingredients are pharmacologically inactive.

How testosterone patch is used

Like any other drug, the testosterone patch is to be used under strict prescriptions. Whether you intend to use the transdermal patch or the scrotal patch, the area needs to be clean and dry. The scrotum is hairy, hence the part where the patch is to be placed needs to be shaved. Do not apply the patch on the same spot daily. Allow a period of seven days before using it on the same spot again. After application, the patch is not to be under any pressure whether you are in a sleeping or sitting position as it could cause irritation or repositioning to an unintended position.

Symptoms of testosterone patch

  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Enlarged/tender breasts
  • Headache

Some of these symptoms could be life threatening, therefore always get medical attention in case of severe symptoms.

If you are experiencing signs of low testosterone levels, consult a doctor first before self-medication. This is because the patch cannot be used by people with some conditions such as breast or prostate cancer. The doctor will examine your medical history and prescribe only the right medication and the right dosage.

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