Does The Doc Testosterone Plan Really Work?

Does the Doc Testosterone Plan Really Work?

There has been a lot of information lately about increasing testosterone, especially in males that may be a little bit out of shape.  Doc Testosterone has a plan that is really quite complete and well documented.  It covers many of the important items below in much greater detail.

How to Boost Low Testosterone

In America, there is a widespread problem that is growing by the minute. More and more men appear to have a problem with low testosterone. This used to be an issue that occurred almost explicitly in older men, but now more people seem to be having testosterone problems at a younger age. There are many speculated reasons as to why this is occurring, but the most researched reason is our diets. Other causes include our vitamin levels and decreased physical activities.

Side Effects of Low Testosterone

When you are dealing with low testosterone, many medical problems will seem to arise. Some of these problems include hair loss, bone loss, sleeplessness, and erectile dysfunction. Most importantly, you won’t feel as energetic as you did when your body had its peak levels of testosterone. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have low testosterone.
These problems aren’t permanent, although it may feel like it. Our bodies are excellent at fixing themselves, but it is much better to catch it in the earlier stages than to wait until the problem is more noticeable. Once you notice something such as hair-loss, reversing it is next to impossible, but there are alternatives to wearing a toupee for the rest of your life. With advances in technology, hair grafting is a definite possibility to reversing the damage.
Bone loss is a severe concern. Now this is not too noticeable of an issue, but there are some telltale signs. The skin around the bone will appear to be thinner and less muscular than normal. The muscles are still there; they just seem smaller because of the bone loss. For example, bone loss in the jaw can be noticed by a receding gum line without having gum disease. Another example is that bone loss in the legs can be seen on the skin around will appear to be more indented than normal. Increasing vitamin D and calcium in your diet will do wonders for bone loss, and you will notice a change almost immediately.
Those solutions not only will give you the right vitamins that your body will need to repair the damages, but also can increase testosterone. In general, increasing your testosterone will fix almost all of your appearance issues, and if not, it will give you the confidence that you need to go out with the flaws that you do see in yourself.

Diet to Increase Testosterone

A majority of our food has changed since the human race has evolved. These changes in diet have changed the chemistry inside of our bodies for the worst! Our body wasn’t made to turn processed foods into the proper nutrients and hormones that our bodies need. A lot of people don’t realize this or don’t care enough to change it, but it is destroying the human race.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that even if they follow the food pyramid, which is considered to be the “healthiest diet plan,” they are still extremely unhealthy. It’s scary to think that the FDA is lying to us about the healthiest way to eat and live, but it is true. The FDA built the food pyramid based on what is best for the US economy, not what is best for healthy living. The largest food group on the food pyramid is grains, which is unfortunate due to what is in grains. Grains and food based off of grains are high in carbohydrates, which in your body turns into sugar, which then turns into fat if it is unused. Eating a slice of bread is almost the equivalent of eating a piece of candy, just with some extra steps. Another large problem with grains is that they are very filling for short periods of time, so it’s very easy to eat a few grain products and ignore the rest of your daily nutrients that you need.
So what does this mean for testosterone? It means that the body isn’t getting the proper nutrients to produce more testosterone and the public is very much blind to that effect. The correct diet to increase testosterone is only to eat things that are natural and found in the wild. Due to the way that humans evolved was not by baking bread, but by being hunter-gatherers. That means we ate only things that we found or killed. This doesn’t mean that when you go to the supermarket, you have to find things that are organic, though that doesn’t hurt either.
The foods that are amazing for testosterone gain include fruits and vegetables. Bananas are probably one of the best foods to eat out there, because they have just about all of the vitamins and minerals found in other fruits, as well as having dopamine precursors, which makes you significantly happier. Peanuts are also surprisingly among the healthiest things that you can eat, since they contain massive amounts of protein, and are completely natural.

What Supplements Can Increase My Testosterone?

Increasing testosterone using supplements is also a very valid option, though you have to use the right supplements. A substantial majority of testosterone supplements simply don’t work or have extreme side effects, and once you stop taking the supplements the results go away fairly quickly. That’s because your body isn’t making the testosterone itself, it is being given testosterone, which can negatively impact your body. The correct way to take supplements for testosterone is by getting vitamin supplements instead.
Vitamin supplements are an alternative to eating the proper foods that give you the right nutrients that your body needs. This isn’t a bad thing at all, and a lot of doctors even recommend that you take them under their approval. Getting the right amounts of every vitamin is essential to not only live, but also to live healthy, and that’s why they were made. People with certain food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, can’t easily get certain vitamins and minerals. Individuals with a lactose intolerance are vitamin D and Calcium deficient. Taking a Vitamin D and Calcium supplement is how a lot of people get around having a lactose intolerance.
The best supplements for testosterone are Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium. Most supplement pills combine all of these because if you are deficient in one of these areas, then you are likely deficient in all of them. You can find these supplements at just about any pharmacy sold in bulk amounts.
Nettle root extract is another common supplement that won’t necessarily boost testosterone levels, but it will increase the bio-availability of the testosterone already in your body. Increasing bioavailability will put the testosterone that is already in your body to work. It is probably safest to use this method because it isn’t won’t be pushing your body to produce more than it does on its own.
Tribulus Terrestris is another supplement that you can take that may help your body increase testosterone production. It is among the safest to use due to having very few negative side effects. Tribulus Terrestris is a plant found in the Mediterranean that is covered with spines. It is commonly used to help increase athletic performance and minor cardiovascular problems.
Androgenic Steroids are also a notable mention. This supplement will boost testosterone but come with tons of negative side effects, such as acne, hair growth, hair loss, mood swings, and a quick temper. These should only be used as a last resort, after diet changes, exercise changes, and the other supplements that have been mentioned.
Protein shakes are another meal supplement that should be mentioned. Your body needs protein to build muscle and stay healthy. It is also much safer to consume loads of protein than to take other supplements. Side effects of protein shakes are slim-to-none and can be consumed with every meal if desired. Out of all the supplements mentioned, this should be the first one that you try.

What Exercises Boost Testosterone?

Exercise is a major factor when it comes to the production of testosterone. In fact, it is a major factor to being healthy in general. Any form of workout and exercise will give you more testosterone over not exercising. Whether you just take a walk in the park or start bench pressing weights, you will more than likely see an increase in testosterone. Even though exercise will help you be healthier, it is always best to be safe and not push your body too hard, as you can do some serious damage to your body when you work out. For some exercises, it is best to have a spotter or at least a buddy to help out in case something goes wrong.
Simply walking will be enough to see some improvement in testosterone. This is probably the easiest exercise that you can do. As time goes on, you should start setting goals and eventually move from walking to jogging to running, as this will get the blood flowing, even more, get more adrenaline flowing, and increase testosterone.
Ab workouts are another fairly straightforward exercise that you can do to increase testosterone. Working out your abs will encourage muscle growth, which will increase testosterone. Ab exercises are also very easy to do on your own, and you generally won’t get hurt. Some examples of ab workouts that you can do without any equipment are sit-ups and crunches.
Leg exercises are probably the most efficient form of exercise that you can do to increase testosterone. If you think about it, you use your legs every day, so the muscles built in them will be utilized every day. Leg workouts, however, are among the most dangerous exercises and do require some exercise equipment. They will also probably leave you very sore the next day, but the burn is worth it.
Bicep and Tricep exercises are also great. Some exercises, such as push-ups, don’t require any exercise equipment while other exercises, such as pull-ups, require minimal equipment. There is little danger for most arm workouts, but if you are going to use a bench-press, always have a spotter.

Conclusion and Doc Testosterone Review

In conclusion, low testosterone is something that every man should be concerned about. Testosterone is the male hormone that controls most of the male body, and affects everything from how we feel to how we function. That’s why Doc Testosterone wrote his book, to help us gain back the testosterone that we once had when we were younger.
A strong selling point of Doc Testosterone is that he is a neuroscientist that researched and studied the effects of testosterone on the male body and how you can naturally produce more of it. Another selling point is that he ran all of the tests that he attempted on himself, to figure out which one not only produced the best results on paper but also to determine which one felt the best.
In Doc Testosterone’s book, many points are covered, ranging from diets to short and straightforward exercises and activities that we can do every day to boost testosterone. Some supplements that aren’t mentioned here are also referred to in his book. On his website, he has a video telling a personal story of how and why he decided to write this book, and even just that video has a lot of helpful content. His story does stand out and you can tell quickly that a lot of research has been put into it.
All-in-all, Doc Testosterone is worth checking out simply because of all the research that is included in the book. All of the methods he includes have been proven to work. Not only is it filled with content on increasing testosterone levels, but it also includes the feelings that you may feel as you go on your journey to enhance your testosterone.